Taking your kids trick or treating? Check your route for sex offenders here

happy family mother father and children in costumes and makeup on a celebration of Halloween

(WIAT) — First, we’ll address the elephant in the room when it comes to trick or treating: the general consensus is trick or treating should happen on the day Halloween actually falls, which this year is Tuesday, Oct. 31 (we’ve seen lots of discussion in our personal Facebook newsfeeds–it’s an important question ).

You’ve got your kids costumes mostly figured out (if not, check out our easy DIY costume ideas here) and you probably have an idea of where you want to take them.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office recommends ensuring the safety of your little ghosts and goblins by checking your route for sex offenders, here.

Even though it’s a tool on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, you can search anywhere in Alabama (we checked).

We also ran the station’s address–and we found there are 245 registered sex offenders within a 5 mile radius. We’re not planning on trick or treating, but it’s certainly interesting information, and a great tool for parents.

The sheriff’s office shared a few more common sense safety tips for Halloween:

  • Wear bright reflective costumes, parents should always accompany their children and carry a flashlight.
  • Make sure costumes fit properly and vision is not obstructed
  • Be careful crossing the street
  • Have an adult carefully examine all treats. Do not consume unwrapped treats or those that appear to have been tampered with.
  • Children should never go to a stranger’s home unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Teens going out with friends should make sure their parents know where they will be and who they will be with.
  • If you are driving, be aware of little ones and slow down.
  • For adults who will be celebrating, remember to do so responsibly. If you drink don’t drive. Have a designated driver or call a friend.
  • Call us if you need us.

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