Life saving team at UAB Heart & Vascular Services offers personalized ‘higher level of care’ for patients

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — UAB is Alabama’s only nationally ranked hospital and, in fact, it’s the third largest public hospital in the country, making it the home for unique treatment options for thousands of patients.  Despite UAB’s size, every patient is treated with personalized care.

We spoke recently with Dr. Mark Sasse, an interventional cardiologist with years of experience in major Midwestern hospitals.  He came to UAB Heart & Vascular Services five years ago, and he appreciates the warm and friendly spirit that UAB brings to patient care.

“A lot of patients come to UAB for a higher level of care,” Dr. Sasse said, “and they think of it as an impersonal place because it is so big, they get lost here.”

But a patient recently told him, “I can’t believe how everyone is so nice here. They must put nice in the water!'”

Dr. Sasse is grateful for the opportunities UAB gives him to grow and innovate while practicing in his field, and says that “the knowledge base here is incredible,” and that working together with other top-notch specialists, he is able to save lives.

He told us, for example, about a patient “who had severe pancreatitis who wouldn’t have survived at any other hospital. And then he ended up needing a vascular surgery for his legs and he also had severe coronary disease.” The physicians at UAB Heart & Vascular Services worked together as a group for a successful outcome.

For patients who live far away but still want the best care, UAB is a great option.  “They come here when their physicians feel they need a higher level of care,” Dr. Sasse explained, “and we provide that.  And then, once they’re done with their higher-level intervention, they go back to their regular cardiologist who we have a direct communication with always.”

To schedule your own appointment, call UAB HealthFinder at 800-UAB-8816.  And to find out more about the life-saving team at UAB Heart & Vascular Services, visit

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