Ousted Brighton mayor to fight for voting rights

Former Brighton mayor Brandon Dean.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Former Brighton mayor Brandon Dean, who was removed from office in September, says he now plans to fight for voting rights.

Dean spent time at two Birmingham churches Sunday and talked about his fight for ballot justice. He spent 11 months as the Brighton’s mayor but was removed from the position when a court ruled that some absentee ballots submitted during his election were illegal. He plans to continue fighting that ruling, but he says it’s not about getting reinstated as mayor, it’s about fighting for voting rights.

“And so my message to them was that I’m still in this fight for you,” he told CBS 42 Sunday. “The fight for justice, equality, ballot justice, criminal justice – that’s still in my heart, and that’s not going anywhere.”

Dean says he believes some people’s voices were shut out because of the ruling that removed him from office, and he hopes to prevent other people’s voices from going unheard in the future.

Dealing with debt

This month, city leaders held a town hall meeting to explain the city’s massive debt. They talked about missed payments that they say happened during Dean’s tenure. But Dean says the financial problems existed long before he became mayor.

“If there’s any suspicion or concern that we deliberately mismanaged any of the city’s resources, I struggle to see how that could even be the case when, in many instances, every dollar that we brought in was immediately allocated toward some immediate need,” he told CBS 42 Sunday.

He says the city never had to lay off any employees or cut off any services during his tenure. He attributes the financial issues to years of negligence, malfeasance and lack of accountability.

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