What Drives You Crazy? Turning right onto Morgan Road from Parkwood Road

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — A new right turn lane installed at Parkwood Road onto Morgan Road was supposed to make turning onto Morgan Road easier for drivers. However, the proper signage or lane stripes were never put in place when the project finished in late Spring, leaving the intersection just as difficult as before.

Without the signage, drivers don’t realize they have the right of way to turn right from Parkwood to Morgan Rd.

Kimberly Johnson reached out to me about this issue. She says she was excited about the new turn lane because it would help her commute to and from work this school year. Unfortunately, there’s still a risk of getting into an accident at the intersection.

“You’re kind of taking your life into your own hands to go ahead and do it,” Kimberly said. “So some people are braver than others. If the signs or lines were correct, I feel like this would be totally efficient. We spent the money to build the lane let’s just spend the extra few dollars to get the signs and the lines cleared up so people can use this intersection the way it’s supposed to be.”

I reached out to ALDOT about putting some signs in this area to clear up any confusion. I’ll keep you posted on the progress right here on “What Drives You Crazy?”.

Is something driving you crazy on the roadways? Tell me about at Rachel.Lundberg@wiat.com.

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