Birmingham City Council votes unanimously to revoke Skyy Nightclub business license

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — 11:20 a.m. update: The Birmingham City Council voted unanimously Tuesday morning to revoke Skyy LLC’s business license.

Council pro tem Jay Roberson moved to revoke the license and rescind two previous regulations after the council held a public discussion about the business.

The council cited the “health, safety or welfare of the public” and referenced an ABC Board issue that the business had reportedly pleaded to before voting on the motion.

Original: The fate of Skyy Nightclub is in Birmingham city council’s hands.

Councilors are inviting neighbors to share their thoughts on whether the city should revoke the club’s business license due to recent violence.

In early September, according to Birmingham police, two people were hurt in a shooting outside the club. On Memorial Day weekend, police had to close down the club because of an altercation.

Stephen Foster is the vice president of the Five Points South Neighborhood Association. Foster tells CBS42 the neighborhood association stands behind the city revoking Skyy Nightclub’s business licence.

Foster says he’s had conversation with the club’s owner, Dan Cooper, but things have not improved.

“When he said we’re not going to have these problems anymore, it’s not going to be an issue and then just 3 months later we’re at an adult party, not a teen party, an adult party and the same thing happens again,” Foster said. “To me, it’s just gross negligence and a lot of mismanagement at the management level.”

The public hearing is Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at council chambers in city hall.

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