Fix it now: What’s the plan for improving Highway 280?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — When you describe a highway as a parking lot nearly every day, there’s an issue.

We see new business after new business pop up along neighborhoods that are growing, so what happens when we reach max capacity?

Highway 280 is a lot like a river, as it floods and runs off into residential side streets. Streets like Crosshaven, where residents are fed up with drivers that fly down their streets while children play outside.

“I’ve actually had one near miss,” said Alex Peterson. “[My] whole body went numb.”

For safety reasons, the Jefferson County Director of Roads and Transportation, Cal Markert, is trying to add capacity to some cut-through roads.

“We are looking into adding lanes so people don’t get bogged down if you’re trying to turn right and you don’t have to wait on everyone trying to turn left,” Markert told CBS42 News. “That’s mostly all we can do at this point.”

Jefferson County hopes that adding lanes and turn lanes to Acton, Cahaba River, and Rocky Ridge Roads will actually help 280 traffic until ALDOT moves forward with another plan like creating free flow.

The county is working with neighboring cities on other roads that are overcrowded. If you live in Vestavia Hills, there will be a public meeting November 14th specifically about Crosshaven and other streets reaching traffic capacity.

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