One Class at a Time: Bluff Park Elementary School

(WIAT) — This week, Little Caesar and I surprised a teacher at Bluff Park Elementary School in Hoover.

Geri Evans is a “STEAM” coach. She teaches science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

Evans told us that she plans to use her $1,000 grant check to purchase new “m-bots” for her students.

“The kids code with robots. They’re problem-solving. They’re figuring things out,” Evans said. “And with the coding, the kids are able to learn step by step how to pull code in with – it’s called Blockly. Where they pull the code block by block so they learn so much programming when they’re coding.”

Evans says her grant money will also allow students who can’t afford it to attend an after-school coding club for free.

One Class at a Time is made possible by Little Caesars and Pepsi.

To apply for a grant that you can use to make a difference at your school, CLICK HERE.


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