Protesters gather outside Birmingham gas station after fatal shooting, want business license revoked

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “They’ll shut down the Onyx, they done shut down Skyy, and they gone shut down Ty!” Wahouma neighborhood vice president Robert Walker exclaimed, emotional as he stood across the street from a gas station on Oporto-Madrid Blvd where a man had just been shot and killed.

Walker told us he’s protested the store before.

“It never stops going on. They continue to be people, they continue to do what they’re doing. But this time, they’ve got to pull this business license,” he said.

“It happened inside the store at first. And then his body… he was running out the store and I guess he collapsed over there in that area,” a witness described to CBS 42.

There are no charges tonight in the shooting death of a man at a gas station on Oporto-Madrid Blvd. Birmingham police tell us the shooting stemmed from an argument inside the store with an employee and customer. BPD took the employee away from the scene in a police vehicle this afternoon for questioning.

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A person CBS 42 spoke with inside the store tonight says there is video of what happened and “that a guy came in demanding that he be respected.” Within minutes of the shooting, a crowd gathered across the street from the gas station, demanding it be closed down. It’s not the first time neighbors have protested the store or its owner.

10 years ago he was among protesters standing at this same street calling this same store a nuisance for what protesters called “beating and mistreatments” of patrons. At that time, a woman claimed the store owner Ty Nguyen assaulted her, accusing her of stealing a bag of ice.

“Just a bag of ice is 99 cents it’s nothing, I could have let [her] have it, but that the third time she did that, I hit her because she hit me first,” Nguyen told us at the time. He was acquitted in that case. But CBS 42 obtained documents from an incident in 2000 where he pleaded guilty to third degree assault of an 8-year-old boy. The arrest warrant says Nguyen caused injury by striking him on the forehead and on the nose with his hand.

I spoke with a person who answered the phone at the gas station who identified himself as Ty Nguyen’s son Tom. He said he was unaware of the third degree assault guilty plea from 2000. As for the protesters, he said they were the same ones who tried to shut the store down in 2007. Wahouma neighborhood vice president Robert Walker says they plan to go before the city council this Tuesday to ask again for the business license to be pulled.

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