University of Alabama student reportedly robbed at gunpoint outside his apartment

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – A University of Alabama Senior is asking questions about his safety after he says he was robbed at gunpoint in the hallway of his off-campus apartment, The Harbor on Sixth.

Garrett Cotton lives at The Harbor, a brand new apartment complex off Jack Warner Parkway. Cotton says he pays over $700 a month in rent for his apartment. The apartment complex’s website bills itself “luxurious” student living.

“This dude told us after move in they’re going to put in security cameras and all this other security stuff. They have done none of it,” Cotton said.

Cotton says he was walking his dog at 3 a.m. after returning home from his job as a pizza delivery driver. He claims two men came up behind him in the hallway with a gun drawn and demand money. He says he gave them $150 in cash he was carrying after working, then called police.

Cotton says he’s repeatedly reached out to management of the apartment and their corporate office, but hasn’t received a response of substance. He says management told him they have no plans to install security cameras in hallways until the spring.

Doors leading to hallways from stairwells were completely unlocked Friday, and there were no doors to prevent entry to the stairwells from the outside. Cotton says these security flaws make him question the quality of the apartment complex.

“We are paying over 700 dollars for this, it’s supposed to be a nice luxury student living. This has become the equivalent. This is worse than my dorm freshman year,” he added.

CBS 42 reached out to management of the apartments. They weren’t available for an on camera interview and have not provided a statement about the robbery, or security at the complex, which has only been open since August.

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