A Football Family: A look behind closed doors

(WIAT) — Tonight is the theatrical debut of a film that’s telling a different story about life after football.

Requiem for a Runningback is a documentary by Rebecca Carpenter, daughter of former NFL running back Lew Carpenter.

Lew was a former Detroit Lion and Green Bay Packer who played with local NFL hero Bart Starr in the 1960’s.

Rebecca and a group of women are sounding a different type of alarm about chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, a disease caused by repeated brain trauma.

Carpenter learned her father had the diagnosis after he died, a discovery that eventually led to her making the film.

“I owe a lot to my father and the sacrifice he made with his brain and to the sport of football,” Carpenter said. “So I really wanted to put the pieces back together again, really looking at the cost-benefits, because I also have a nephew who is the starting quarterback on his high school team in Texas.”

Later this month, CBS42 brings you a special report on football, a look inside the lives of those who’ve played the game from behind closed doors.

In our report, we’ll explore the questions in an ever-growing chorus of those sounding the alarm about the effects of repetitive head injury from the little league to the big league.

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