Moundville family, police searching for suspect after dog shot 3 times

MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Moundville Police are investigating an animal cruelty case after a family claims someone intentionally shot their dog.

The dog is recovering from its injuries, but the pet’s owners are still concerned.

According to the family, someone has shot the animal three times in the past six weeks right in their backyard. The family believes someone is possibly using birdshot from a shotgun to shoot their dog.

Melinda Roycroft wants to know why anyone would want to hurt her dog, 10-month-old Copper.

“It really hurts because he really wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Roycroft said. “He is such a sweet and loving dog and loves be cuddled.”

In each incident, Roycroft and her daughter were not home, and they would later arrive each time to discover wounds on the animal.

“I want them caught and I want to know why they are doing it,” Roycroft said. “And I want them punished because that is animals cruelty in my opinion. He hasn’t done anything to hurt them, so why would you want to hurt him?”

The family last noticed more wounds on Copper on the Nov. 5 weekend, when they decided to reach out to police who have launched an investigation.

“Nobody has called about shots fired,” said Chief Toby Banks with Moundville Police. “We’ve canvassed the area and talked with neighbors and nobody has heard nothing or anything or any gunshots.”

The Roycroft family just wants to know why this continues to happen

“It is really upsetting because we don’t have any enemies and we are good people,” Roycroft said. “The dog hasn’t done anything.”

Officers are asking anyone in the public who has any information about this case to call them at (205) 371-2218.

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