What $1.95 means to The Jimmie Hale Mission during Thanksgiving

Jimmie Hale Mission in Birmingham.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – During the Thanksgiving season, Tony Cooper tells us that $1.95 means much more than a sponsored holiday meal at The Jimmie Hale Mission. Cooper says that $1.95 can lead to a changed life.

“A lot of people will come to us, not because of our long-term recovery programs, but because they’re hungry or needing a place to stay,” said Cooper. “We begin by addressing their physical needs, which a $1.95 helps sponsor a meal. But at the same time, we have recovery programs. That’s why we get excited about people sponsoring meals for us at a $1.95. That’s affordable for most people. And the return on their investment is the possibility of there their donation helping a person get back to life.”

There are multiple ways to donate to The Jimmie Hale Mission. You can donate by mail at JIMMIE HALE MISSION, P.O. BOX 10472, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35202, or donate by phone at (205) 323-5878. They also have a secure online donation page here: https://jimmiehalemission.com/how-to-help/donate-online/.

“If they just have questions or they just want to know more or want to get involved, just give us a call at Jimmie Hale Mission at (205) 323-5878,” Cooper said.

Visit jimmyhalemission.com for more general information.

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