During off-season, Alabama Splash Adventure family is hard at work adding new features

BESSEMER, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – Each year during Alabama Splash Adventure’s offseason, we like to visit the park to see what Dan Koch and the General are planning for the following summer. The Koch family has a new area of the park under construction that is sure to make the 2018 season bigger and better than ever before.

Koch is in the middle of overseeing construction for Splash Island. While Koch pointed to various parts on a slab of dirt, we tried to keep up with his excitement and vision.

“We are going to have five kids’ slides over there. There’s going to be a giant play area over here. There’s going to be a giant water tower that sits over here where the kids and moms and dads can play. And it’s going to be fantastic because they’re going to have lots and lots of shade. We’re going to have shade up in the trees. We’re so excited it’s going to be fantastic,” Koch said.

Shade has always been an essential part of Koch’s plans each year as he makes additions to the park.

“You know, a lot of theme parks forget how people are always looking for a shady spot. It’s hot in Alabama in the summer, so shade is so important because we want our guests to be comfortable. We’re families, so when you’re here, you’re part of our family. We want you to enjoy your day as much as we enjoy being here,” said Koch.

Each year, Alabama Splash Adventure offers an excellent promotion for season-passes-stocking-stuffers!

“It is always the least expensive to buy your season passes now during the Christmas season. Go online to AlabamaSplash.com or call 205-481-4750. Buy a season pass now because this is the least expensive they will be all year. It’s a great deal, a great deal. Almost 90 days fun all summer long,” Koch said.

As always, the park offers free unlimited soft drinks, free sunscreen, and free parking. The park will open again in May 2018.

Season Passes link: https://shop-us.bestunion.com/asa/index.cfm?tab=1

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