One Class at a Time: Hayes K-8

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — One Birmingham teacher’s class is $1,000 richer tonight, thanks to a One Class at a Time grant!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Prater hand-delivered the check to LaTara Clayton. Clayton teaches 4th-grade reading and math at Hayes K-through-8th School.

Clayton told us that she will use her grant to purchase items her students can use to work on math problems, and she also plans to create a reading nook.

“It’s going to be a safe space where we’re gonna have beanbags and comfy chairs and nice books and earphones so they can take their accelerated reader tests,” Clayton said. “So that’s what will go there.”

We’d like to thank Little Caesars and Pepsi for making these One Class at a Time grants possible.

CLICK HERE to apply for a grant for your class or a teacher who is having a great impact on the community.

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