Residents worried about dangerous Vestavia Hills road

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT)– Residents living on East Road in Vestavia Hills are fed up with the reckless driving that they say occurs on a daily basis.

Public Works and the Birmingham United Soccer Association are located on East Road, which means the traffic is nearly doubled during the week.  Nearly 6,500 people use this street every week.

Residents and BUSA, have put up signs telling people to slow down. It is a 15 mph road. People say drivers easily go about 30+.

“I know I can sit out here and watch the cars fly down the street into the facility and not even pay a bit of attention” says Juliet Shunnarah Lang.

The city of Vestavia Hills conducted a speed test in November. The results showed that the average speed was 22mph. Residents are working to get the city to conduct another test, closer to where they say most of the speeding occurs.

Right now, residents are trying to get sidewalks and speed bumps put in to alleviate some of the dangers. The city is currently reviewing options.

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