Hale County EMA prepares for bad weather

GREENSBORO, Ala. (WIAT)-In West Alabama road crews are preparing for winter weather.

The Emergency Management Agency in Hale County has road crews getting ready.  Thursday morning workers were loading dump trucks with sand.  EMA director Russell Weeden says its all being done to be prepared just in case.

“Our county crews are preparing the dump trucks today with the sand.  And we’ve gone over their emergency routes that they will need to keep open for ambulances and that kind of stuff.  And we’ve also gone over to the hospital to make sure their generators and that kind of stuff works” Weeden said.

Weeden and his team have been having weather briefings all day Thursday and will be keeping all eyes on the expected bad weather Friday morning.

” Tomorrow probably won’t be a big deal but you never know.  So we always like to prepare for the worst, They are predicting a quarter inch of snow or sleet so it probably won’t cause a road problem but it might.  So thats what we prepare for”.

Weeden tells CBS 42 road crews will be ready to work around the clock Friday if necessary.

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