Homewood Police warning residents of possible rabid animals in area

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — A fox is being tested for rabies after two men were attacked in a Homewood neighborhood Wednesday night.

Both victims were able to take photos and post warnings to social media. After several reports to police, officers caught a sick fox on the Samford University campus Thursday morning.

It is believed the captured fox is the same animal spotted on Windsor Boulevard Wednesday.

Adam Morel was opening his front door when he saw what looked like a cat. He described feeling a sharp pain and realized it was a fox that had clamped onto to his leg.

“I was freaking out, I mean I was completely probably in shock. I mean, you don’t expect to walk out the front door and all of a sudden have this wild animal attached to your leg that won’t let go,” said Morel.

After shaking the fox off his leg, Morel observed additional odd behavior by the animal. Morel said the fox tried to bite his tire.

Morel snapped some photos and then eventually had to go to St. Vincent’s Hospital for treatment

“I was concerned for my kids, I was concerned for my dogs, I was concerned for my neighbors,” said Morel.

Just across the street, neighbor James Warren was walking towards his mailbox when he saw the animal.

Warren also thought it was a cat at first. The fox tried biting Warren’s dress shoes that he will no longer be wearing.

He also took pictures to share his encounter.

“I grabbed a picture of him to start sending out and start warning some of the neighbors across the street have little girls,” said Warren.

Wildlife officers caution neighbors to be aware of surrounding wildlife, especially animals that act suspicious and approach people.

“I just don’t want it to happen to a child, I was really thankful it didn’t happen to my kids and happened to me instead,” said Morel.

Morel must receive shots and treatment over the weeks ahead, but is counting his blessings.

Some of the neighbors admit they have had some fun with the encounter. Warren even named the fox.

“He just looked like a Roscoe,” Warren joked.

After the sick fox was captured Thursday, Homewood Police told CBS 42 they had not received any additional calls about a fox.

Police encourage neighbors to stay away from sick animals and not to attempt capturing or killing an animal.

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