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Behind the Eye: CBS News

We started our journey, Behind the Eye, at CBS News sitting in on the news editorial meeting. It is global coverage balanced with the bigges…


Before it’s too late: 18 dead from domestic violence in Birmingham this year

“No one really pays attention until you’re dead.”

Sherri Jackson buries the time capsule.

CBS42 buries Birmingham 2025 time capsule

Earlier this week, many of you joined the CBS42 team on a journey to the future. As part of our Birmingham 2025 special report, we announced…


Birmingham 2025: The future of education

Even with the shakeup at the top of Birmingham City Schools leadership, teaching and learning must still go on in the classroom. That includ…


HIV Prevention: BirminGLAM Style

The HIV Prevention Network is presenting BirminGlam 2016 as a fashion show to raise money for HIV testing and education.