Winter storm

Heroes of the Storm: Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson wasn’t out to make a viral video when a snow storm crippled Birmingham. He was actually returning from a job in Montgomery w…

Orange Stickers

What do those orange stickers mean?

State troopers are putting these orange stickers on the back windshields of all the vehicles left on the sides of interstates. It’s just let…

Insurance claims

Insurance claims after the storm

Insurance claims are rolling in after this week’s winter storm. CBS42’s Tiffany Westry joins us with some tips for anyone whose car was dama…

Towing costs

Towing cost woes for many in Alabama

On Friday we asked Governor Bentley whether the state plans to reimburse cities like Leeds that will cover the towing fees. He told us adama…

Report It

PHOTOS: Report It: Snow Day Fun!

While the snow proved problematic for many trying to drive on Tuesday, these kids didn’t seem to have a problem with it!