eCO Savings Race: Team Davis update

With a fresh financial approach, Kathryn Davis is reflecting on the difference a year can make in her pursuit for debt-free spending.


eCO Savings Race: Team Rich update

It was a difficult task during the Christmas season, but it’s one they are proud of when they look back. It’s also the start of a new financ…


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“Our main thing is that we want to start our tithing in church, and we’re working on building our emergency fund back that we had to empty b…


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eCO Savings Race: Team Davis update

Cooking can be really expensive, especially when trying to eat health and prepare for the holidays. But meal budgeting with the envelope sys…


eCO Savings Race: Team Rich update

“It’s going to be wonderful when January rolls around and we don’t have more credit card bills for Christmas,” said Shannon Rich.