TDIH Mar. 10th

This Day in History: March 10th

The first discernible speech is transmitted over the phone, and Michael Jordan retires from baseball. Plus the voting age gets dropped from …

TDIH Mar. 9th

This Day in History: March 9th

The Barbie doll is introduced and Notorious B.I.G. is murdered in Los Angeles. Plus Alabama adopts an official state song, find out all the …

TDIH Mar. 8th

This Day in History: March 8th

Volkswagen introduces the bus, and Ali and Frazier have the “Fight of the Century”. Plus we say goodbye to the originator or UA’s “Big Al” m…

TDIH Mar. 7th

This Day in History: March 7th

A march from Selma leads to “Bloody Sunday” and Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone. Plus the Beatles make their broadcast debut, fi…

TDIH Mar. 6th

This Day in History: March 6th

Aspirin is patented and a decision is made in the Dred Scott case. All this and more, in today’s “This Day in History”.

TDIH Mar. 5th

This Day in History: March 5th

The Hula-Hoop is patented, and the Boston Massacre sets in motion an American Revolution. All this, including the television debut of the Ja…

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