Team Deal wins eCO Savings Race

ēCO Savings Race: Third Edition update

Once good money habits become a lifestyle, progress just comes naturally. That’s what the Deal family shows us in this week’s edition of the…


eCO Savings Race: Team Deal update

The coach for the Deal family says that this type of goal setting is movement in the right direction for the family financially.


eCO Savings Race: Team Hines update

They’re starting to plan ahead, and their coach tells WIAT 42 that it’s small, wise financial decisions like that that make a successful bud…


eCO Savings Race: Team Davis update

With a fresh financial approach, Kathryn Davis is reflecting on the difference a year can make in her pursuit for debt-free spending.


eCO Savings Race: Team Rich update

It was a difficult task during the Christmas season, but it’s one they are proud of when they look back. It’s also the start of a new financ…


eCO Savings Race: Hines family update

“Our main thing is that we want to start our tithing in church, and we’re working on building our emergency fund back that we had to empty b…