Tracking a Predator: James Wright

After serving time for a conviction of first-degree sexual abuse, Wright registered an address with deputies but was told it was too close t…

tracking-a-predator cbristopher goad

Tracking a Predator: Christopher Goad

In November, deputies say Goad moved from that address without letting the sheriff’s office know, and now he’s wanted for failing to registe…


Tracking a Predator: Ronnie Cauthen

Ronnie Cauthen was convicted of rape and kidnapping in Jefferson County. He was required to register as a sex offender in October 2016, but …


Tracking a Predator: Doug House

Before he was released from prison in August, House submitted a new Birmingham address to the Department of Corrections. However, he didn’t …

Dennison Jones

Tracking a Predator: Dennison Jones

Jones last registered an address on Montclair Road in Birmingham, and though he was supposed to re-register his address in July, he never di…


Tracking a Predator: Donald Cline

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office needs your help tracking down a missing sex offender. Donald Cline went missing in April.