Strengthening your friendships

Ways to strengthen your friendships

Did you know your relationships can improve the quality of your health? Dr. Josh offers a few ways to help strengthen those friendships.

Slowing down mental aging

Slowing down the mental aging process

Have you ever been guilty of misplacing your phone or keys after a long day at work. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, being absent…

Joan Rivers

Family: Joan Rivers on life support

Joan Rivers’ family is confirming that the comedian is on life support after going into cardiac arrest last week during a procedure at a doc…

MGN Online

UNICEF helping fight the Ebola virus

The group presented the Guinean government with dozens of motorbikes on Thursday to help allow health officials to reach remote villages alo…

Low mercury fish

Report: Pregnant women should avoid tuna

According to the FDA expectant mothers can consume up to twelve ounces of fish a week. But Consumer Reports says if you’re pregnant you shou…