One Team at a Time: Weaver Bearcats

Hibbett Sports and WIAT 42 teamed up to give the Bearcats $1000 worth of new equipment to get them ready for the State Championship.


One Team at a Time: Hueytown Jaguars

The Hueytown Jaguars have been putting in a lot of hard work this football season. That’s why WIAT 42 and Hibbett Sports have selected them …

One Team at a time softball undertakers 05

One Team at a Time: Undertakers 05

Softball is more than just a game for one group of young girls: This week’s One Team at a Time takes us to Columbiana where the Undertakers …


One Team at a Time: Alabaster Aztecs

The Alabaster Aztec soccer team loves winning; it’s something they’ve grown accustomed to over the years. But, winning this week’s One Team …

OTAAT-Huffman Rockets

One Team at a Time: Huffman Rockets

Roebuck is the location for this week’s One Team at a Time. And it was a celebration at the ballpark as WIAT 42’s Lauren Sisler found out fi…