cost of early retirement

The hidden costs of an early retirement

Many people spend their entire lives saving for their retirement, but even calling your job quits a couple years early can lead to a huge fi…

tennis ball-sized hail

Tennis ball-sized hail hits Texas town

Over the last few days Alabama has seen its fair share of rain, but in Texas a storm packed with heavy rain and tennis ball-sized hail fell …


Saving money on college tuition

Financial adviser Kimberly Reynolds joins Wakeup Alabama at 6 a.m. on tips for saving money for college tuition.

social media

Using social media to complain

If you’re not happy with the service you’ve received forget the phone call, social media has become the place to voice your complaint to a c…

toxic city

Toxic City documentary debuting Thursday

Years of contamination in north Birmingham neighborhoods, and the potential health problems it has caused will be the topic of a special pre…