Children's of Alabama

Miracle Marathon

Children’s of Alabama is encouraging you and your children to lace up your shoes… jump on the bike… or even take a swim.

(AP Photo/Carlo Allegri, File)

Paula Dean coming to Birmingham

You can see her “Paula Dean Live!” show at the Alabama Theater on Tuesday September 16th. Find out how you can get tickets here.

Publix Bagel Recall

Publix recalling bagels

Publix is issuing a voluntary recall for their jalapeño bagels. They are sold in either the self-service bins or artisan cases in the bakery…

Adult playground

Adult playground opens in Wisconsin

The goal is to give people more incentive to stay active during the week. It’s different than a child’s playground, no slides or swings, but…

Combating domestic violence

Putting a stop to domestic violence

The Ray Rice case is raising awareness about domestic violence. Although it’s often a taboo topic, it is one that needs to be talked about. …

Travel rage tips

Don’t let travel rage ruin your trip

When travelling, we all can get frustrated and downright angry over travel hiccups from parking, to security, to boarding. So are there ways…

Magic Mountain Fire

Colossus roller coaster catches fire

It was once the world’s fastest and tallest roller coaster, now it’s nothing more than a charred shell of its former self. It all began when…

Lego surpasses Mattel

Legos now top Toy Company

There’s a new number one in the toy industry! Lego has climbed past Mattel thanks in large success of “The Lego Movie.”