tax deadline

Tax day is here

Time is running out for last-minute tax filers. You have until midnight to get returns e-filed, or postmarked to the IRS.

tax freebies

Tax Day deals around town

Once you’ve filed your taxes it’s time to treat yourself. Some businesses are offering tax-day freebies.

Learn to fly

Learn to fly a plane

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fly a plane there’s a class gearing up in Shelby County, that’s just for you.

grocery prices rising

Food prices continue to rise

Hitting the grocery store is getting more costly. Beef prices are at their highest level in two decades. The cost of ground beef has hit $3.…

vacation destinations

Where to take your summer vacation

According to, Americans are searching out warm and sunny destinations for Memorial Day, and thinking internationally for summer. T…

study abroad concerns

From studying abroad to spying on US

The FBI is warning college students who study abroad that they could become an accidental US spy. The FBI warns overseas intelligence office…

MGN Online

New scam targets Netflix customers

Con artists, who claim they work for the video streaming service, are trying to get money and private information from unsuspecting victims.…