eCO Savings Race: Gaydosh Family

The Gaydosh’s are one big happy family! The family of six, living in Hoover, are determined to attain financial peace and achieve their drea…

eCO Savings Race: McCord Family

Pierce and Brooke McCord are new parents and are ready to tackle their debt so they can start pursuing their dreams.

eCO Savings Race: Previewing the race

Summer is almost officially here and that means it’s time for another big kick off! The fourth edition of the eCO Savings Race is right arou…

eCO Savings Race

The ēCO Savings Race, Fifth Edition

“The Savings Race has been my savings grace.” First Edition Winner, Kristy Roy “The Race has been our miracle. It has blessed our family tre…

eCo Savings Race: Team Rich

This week’s eCo Savings Race segment focuses on Team Rich. The Rich family gets by, but they want to do better.

eCo Savings Race: Week One

The eCo Savings Race is back for its third edition, and this year features four teams.

What is the ēCO Savings Race?

Learn more about the eCO Savings Race, Fifth Edition here! Meet the teams and find out how you can help them on their road to improve their …

eCO Savings Race

What is the eCO Savings Race?

The first ēCO Savings Race took place in 2012, and after four successful races, teams have improved their financial pictures more than $285,…

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