Internships at WIAT 42

Interested in the Internship Program with WIAT 42 News? Read on for details on our internships.

» Download WIAT 42 News Internship Application Form Here

The applicant requirements for participation in the WIAT Internship Program available to college students are:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Interns should be full-time/part-time students of a college or university either in or entering into their junior or senior year.
  3. Interns should provide, in writing from their advisor, the above and their eligibility for receiving academic credit for their internship.
  4. Interns must be majoring in a field having direct relationship with broadcasting, media or communications.
  5. If accepted, Interns will be responsible for setting up an hourly schedule with their supervisor that will sufficiently meet their school’s required credit hours.
  6. Interns are to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined in the internship job descriptions provided and other tasks as assigned by their supervisors.
  7. Intern dress code is business casual.

You must complete the top portion of the internship application form, specifying the beginning and ending dates of the school quarter or semester.

Students should contact their advisor if they are interested in an internship. If students are qualified, meeting the criteria mentioned above, advisors must sign the Internship Agreement indicating the student’s eligibility. Your letter and documentation must be received before an intern is selected.

Interviews are then conducted with the WIAT 42 News coordinator by phone and/or in person, and applicants will be contacted regarding their acceptance within the next few weeks by the coordinator or department supervisor.

Please send cover letters and resumes to:

Internship Program
WIAT 42 News
2075 Golden Crest Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35209

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