EKG testing debate

EKGs for student athletes

Electrocardiogram testing, also known as an EKG, has been widely debated in the sports world, especially for student athletes. This test can…


Tickets for ‘Joy in the Morning’

CLICK HERE for tickets to ‘Joy in the Morning’ written by Ruth and Robin Givens, is a story of hope after heartbreak, with “Heavenly” help.

Confederate memorial in Linn Park Birmingham Alabama

Confederate monument controversy in Linn Park

There is fresh outrage over a Civil War Monument that’s been standing more than a century. A Birmingham activist is calling for the city to …

Same-sex marriage license Texas

Texas Attorney General says decision to issue same-sex marriage licenses up to clerks religious convictions

Sunday the Texas attorney general told clerks and judges they may object to issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples if it goes against…

4th of July weekend police

How to stay safe on the roads over Independence Day weekend

Because state troopers are working overtime shifts and longer hours over Independence Day weekend, you’re more likely to get a ticket if you…