WHY IT MATTERS: Student Debt

THE ISSUE: More Americans are getting buried by student debt — causing delays in home ownership, limiting how much people can save and leavi…

Phone scam in Pelham targets the elderly

Investigators say the scam involves a phone call from someone claiming to be a member of law enforcement claiming you have a warrant. They t…

Pedestrian killed in Talladega County

Troopers say 36 year old Paul Edward Johnston of Cropwell was hit by a car while trying to cross I-20 in Lincoln early Sunday morning.

2 killed in Miami plane crash

Several agencies helped in the search, including the U.S. Coast Guard and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Teenager donating teddy bears to children in Brighton community

A Hueytown teenager is trying to lift the spirits of children in the Brighton community following the August 27, 2016 deadly shooting. A toy…