TDIH Mar. 23rd

This Day in History: March 23rd

For the first time everything was, “O.K.”, everything except for Evel Knievel, who broke 93 bones on, “This Day in History”.

Jacob's wish

Granting a wish for Jacob

Make-A-Wish Alabama, All Star Pool and Spa, Supreme Electric, American Concrete Foundations and Wall, Crane Works and Alabama Teen Challenge…

TDIH Mar. 22

This Day in History: March 22nd

The British government passes the Stamp Act, and FDR passes a much more “spirited” act. Plus the first championship for one of the sporting …

Massive dust devil

Caught on Camera: massive dust devil

Firefighters in Colorado were forced to run for cover when a controlled fire spun out of control. A dust devil swept over the fire. The resu…