This Day in History: January 21st

President Carter pardons draft dodgers, and John McEnroe’s temper gets him disqualified in Melbourne. All this and more in today’s “This Day…


More than 1200 attend Unity Breakfast

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, which is a day to honor the life and legacy of the slain civil rights leader. In Birmingham, the festiviti…


More woes for Marks Village residents

Residents say they got notices last week from the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District informing them of potential gas leaks and als…


April 27th storm victim gets new home

Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, along with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, one man will soon have a brand new home.

sonny lane

Toilet paper involved in Dora house fire

According to fire crews on the scene, someone used toilet paper to roll a home in the Hickory Ridge community over the weekend. On Monday af…


This Day in History: January 20th

The Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday is first observed, and the first “Game of the Century” takes place. All this and more in today’s …


This Day in History: January 19th

China gets a taste of “fast food” and UCLA’s amazing win streak finally comes to an end. All this and more in today’s “This Day in History”.


Gun rights rally in Montgomery

About two dozen gun rights advocates climbed the steps of the State Capitol for the second annual rally organized by Gun Rights Across Ameri…


Avondale fire investigation

A fire at a home at the intersection of 44th Street and 5th Ave. S. is under investigation tonight.