The ēCO Savings Race, Sixth Edition

“The Savings Race has been my savings grace.”

First Edition Winner, Kristy Roy

“The Race has been our miracle. It has blessed our family tremendously. The Race has changed our outlook on our future and changed our family tree. We are now able to dream things we never thought possible before the ēCO Savings Race.”
Second Edition Winner, The Dodd Family

“The ēCO Savings Race has changed our lives more than we could have ever imagined. Its effects will be felt in the Deal family for generations. The race was an absolute Godsend.”
Third Edition Winner, The Deal Family

“We look back and literally wonder where the money was going before? Now we know where every penny is allocated and why. We were blessed to be a part of this experience.”
Fourth Edition Winner, The McCord Family

“What this program is doing for families in our community is really extraordinary. There is no way for us to properly thank you for what all you have done for our family. If there is ever a doubt in what you are achieving through this ministry, please call one of us. We will quickly remind you of how you have forever changed our lives and the lives of our children. The ēCO Savings Race not only helped us achieve every single one of the financial goals we set; it has also brought us closer to God as a family in a way we never saw coming. This was the opportunity of a lifetime; we are so thankful you gave us the chance to take it. ”
5th Edition Winner, The Stephenson Family

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Since 2012, ēCO Credit Union has been partnering with CBS 42  to provide the ēCO Savings Race to members and the community. In 2016 and 2017, we celebrated our fifth ēCO Savings Race and desired to make it bigger and better than ever before. As we entered the 5th Edition, we wanted a way to help EVEN MORE families and individuals, and we did just that!

ēCO coaches worked with eight teams to help them improve their financial pictures. At the conclusion of the 5th Edition of the eCO Savings Race, teams had improved their financial pictures by more than $91,000! That brings the total financial picture improvement to over $375,000! Did we mention that the winner of the ēCO Savings Race receives $10,000, AND all finalist teams receive $2,000?!

The ēCO Savings Race, Sixth Edition is coming soon!  Tune in to our 5pm Newscast on September 11th to learn more about the 6th Edition Teams and how YOU can be a part of the ēCO Savings Race at home!

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